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Dayton Meadows and Anthony Banks have accumulated 34 years of experience together. During this time they have worked to make an impact in the community and develop a service that is quick, reliable, and easy for any of their clients. Dayton Meadows and Anthony Banks both served their country as Marines. The experiences that they gained through the military have provided these men with an infectious work ethic that is seen throughout High Standard Cleaning. 

High Standard Cleaning strives to provide its customers with a the best service possible. We want to provide you with a fast and effective job while satisfying our customers needs! Whether it is commercial or residential work, we want to always have satisfy our customers needs.

We Support Our Troops

Business Hours


8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

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FAX: 919-581-8004

PHONE: 919-581-8400

EMAIL: hsc@highstandardcleaning.com

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